Sebastian Foundation Volupt Shampoo 250ml

RRP $20.50

Sebastian Volupt Shampoo will give your hair the volume that you are craving minus the ick and the crunch of other leading brands. Lavish and rich formula puts the power of cushion particle technology to work for you and leaves your hair feeling beautiful, soft and touchable.

Get your hair ready for high-fashion with Sebastian Volupt Shampoo, and leave the sticky, icky crunch of traditional shampoos in its class behind. The cushion particle technology is far superior to both film and friction methods for adding volume that doesn 't leave your hair feeling coarse to the touch or turning your hair into a hard, immovable layer. Cushion particle technology binds two micro-particles to the surface of your hair, raising the cuticles of the hair and roughing it up for tons of volume that is touchable and soft!Free Shipping on Everything - 90 Day Return Policy